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Tour de France 2018 diary Stage 17

Tour de France 2018 diary Stage 17: ITV4

There was a nice interaction between Alaphilippe and Adam Yates, with a handshake, related to what happened yesterday when Yates fell. Alaphilippe acted very well yesterday, and again today.

Ned Boulting (short, as you may know, for - hang on a minute, how many stages are left?) told us the official time gap from Roglic and Froome to the yellow jersey group - 30s. But we could see it was total rubbish, the yellow jersey was right there, just a few metres behind.

On the final climb, thingy was saying 'all of France will be hoping that Romain Bardet does something brilliant and definitive.' Bardet looked to be on the limit just hanging on to the leading group. Give him a break.

It's great to be Colombian at the Tour de France (I imagine), with all the supporters, but it must be a disadvantage when they are running alongside you with flags, shouting, as you're trying to go up a steep hill.

The best camera shot of the day was Dan Martin side-on, with the yellow jersey group on the hairpin below in the background of the picture.

Froome was dropped near the top of the final climb, his own domestique (Bernal) was looking round and waiting for him, he approached the line having given everything, and he was valiant in defeat. The reaction of the spectators in the roadside? Distinct booing of the man found not guilty of taking too much asthma medication. It seemed a bit mean-spirited.

Super-happies: 5

Iconics: 3

Correct predictions of stage winners on this website: 2 out of 17

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Stage 18, Tour de France 2018

Pau bd des Pyrénées

Boulevard des Pyrenées, Pau, by ludovic, Flickr, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Stage 18 of the Tour de France 2018 is 172km from Trie-sur-Baïse to Pau. 

Read about Stage 18 of the 2018 Tour de France.

Stage 17, Tour de France 2018: towns, sights and attractions

Stage 17, Tour de France 2018: Bagnères-de-Luchon


Bagnères-de-Luchon, by Stephen Colebourne, Flickr, Licence CC BY 2.0

Bagnères-de-Luchon is sometimes called 'the Queen of the Pyrenees'. It's a spa resort, and has a ski resort, Superbagnères.

When Pompey was in the area in 76BC, one of his soldiers who was suffering with a skin complaint came and bathed in the thermal waters here, and after 21 days, he was right as rain. In 25BC, the Romans built three baths, which were called balneum lixonense post Neapolitense primum (the best baths after those of Naples).

The baths were relaunched at the end of the 1700s, attracting European royalty and aristocracy. The arrival of the railway in 1873, and the opening of a casino in 1880, increased the popularity of Bagnères-de-Luchon.

Casino, Bagnères-de-Luchon

Casino, Bagnères-de-Luchon, by Alberto Gonzales Rovira, Flickr, Licence CC BY 2.0

Bagnères-de-Luchon has the priviledge of being twinned with Harrogate, North Yorkshire (UK).

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