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UCI 2019 mixed team time trial

Parliament Street, Harrogate
Parliament Street, Harrogate

The mixed team time trial at the 2019 UCI Road World Championships in Yorkshire is a new event. It's a relay, in which a national team of three men ride the course first, then hand over to a team of three women. The female riders start when the second man crosses the line; the final time is taken when the second woman crosses the line. The lowest total time wins.

This should be a fun and exciting event on the opening weekend of the Championships.

The race is two laps of the Harrogate circuit - the men ride the 14km loop first, then hand over to the women.

UCI 2019 mixed team time trial: map, facts, & figures

UCI 2019 Harrogate circuit
Map of the UCI 2019 Harrogate circuit, ©Welcome to Yorkshire. (See full-size map)
Race details - UCI 2019 mixed team time trial
Date Sunday 22nd September 2019
Event classification Mixed team time trial
Distance 2 x 14km

The official race profile for the UCI 2019 mixed team time trial:

Profile of the Harrogate circuit, UCI 2019
Profile of the Harrogate circuit, © Welcome to Yorkshire

UCI 2019 mixed team time trial: timings

Timings to follow.

UCI 2019 mixed team time trial: the route

UCI 2019 mixed team time trial: the start on West Park

West Park, Harrogate
United Reform Church, at start/finish point on West Park, Harrogate

The start-finish point of the Harrogate circuit is on West Park, near the junction with Victoria Avenue and Beech Grove.

UCI 2019 mixed team time trial: West Park to Beckwithshaw

Otley Road, Harrogate
Otley Road, Harrogate

The competitors start off heading south on West Park, then when they reach the Prince of Wales roundabout, they turn right up Otley Road, which is a long, straight, steady drag uphill for three-quarters of its length. When they are level with the park on the right (Harlow Hill Recreation Ground), Otley Road levels off, then dips down past the Pine Marten pub and RHS Harlow Carr.

Otley Road to Beckwithshaw
Otley Road, downhill past the Pine Marten

Finally, Otley Road flattens out for the last 1km or so to Beckwithshaw.

UCI 2019 mixed team time trial: Beckwithshaw to Harlow Moor Drive

It's a right turn in Beckwithshaw, and the road (the B6161) takes the teams down to Oak Beck, then up Pot Bank.

Pot Bank
Pot Bank

They turn right when they reach the Jubilee Roundabout, and head down Penny Pot Lane to the narrow, weak bridge at the bottom, that takes them over Oak Beck. Then it's quite steeply up again, away from the beck.

Climb up from Oak Beck
Climb up Penny Pot Lane from Oak Beck

The gradient eases as Penny Pot Lane turns into Cornwall Road then Harlow Moor Road.

UCI 2019 mixed team time trial: Harlow Moor Drive to the finish

The teams turn left on Harlow Moor Drive, which runs along the south side of the Valley Gardens, down to the Royal Pump Rooms.

Royal Pump Rooms, Harrogate
Royal Pump Rooms, Harrogate

Then it's left, back up the other side of the Valley Gardens. A right turn on Hereford Road takes the teams into a well-to-do residential area, with large houses, wide roads, and plenty of trees. It's fairly flat at first, but Kent Road descends to the A61 Ripon Road.

Kent Road, Harrogate
Kent Road, Harrogate

There, there's a sharp pull up to the crest of the hill, before plunging down towards Harrogate, and turning right on Swan Road. Swan Road leads back to the Royal Pump Rooms, and the sulphur water fountain that people drank to improve their health in the old days. Would drinking a glass of that liquid make you fail a doping control?

Crescent Road, Harrogate
Crescent Road, Harrogate

From the Royal Pump Rooms, all the teams have to do is bend left on Crescent Road, along the edge of the Crescent Gardens, then turn right up Parliament Street past the Turkish Baths and Bettys, to West Park and the start-finish point.

See more about the route on the UCI 2019 Harrogate circuit page.

UCI 2019 mixed team time trial: favourites

The Netherlands

Tom Dumoulin riding a TT
Tom Dumoulin riding an ITT in 2016, by filip bossuyt, Licence CC BY 2.0

The Dutch have some of the best time trialists on the men's side. They include:

  • Tom Dumoulin (silver in the 2018 World Championship ITT)
  • Wilco Kelderman (16th in 2018)
  • Jos van Emden (20th in 2018)

Then consider the results of the women's individual time trial at the 2018 World Championships in Innsbruck, and it was a Dutch clean sweep of the podium.

Annemiek van Vleuten, 2018 World Champs
Annemiek van Vleuten with her gold medal for the 2018 ITT, World Championships, Innsbruck, by Granada, Licence CC BY-SA 4.0

Gold, silver, and bronze were:

  • Annemiek van Vleuten
  • Anna van der Breggen
  • Ellen van Dijk

in that order.

At the time of writing, I don't know who will be picked for the Dutch team, but they have so many strong riders against the clock that they are favourites.

UCI 2019 mixed team time trial: comments

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UCI 2019 Harrogate circuit

Parliament Street, Harrogate

The Harrogate circuit is central to the 2019 UCI Road World Championships. The mixed team time trial is exclusively on it, and most of the other races will ride it after a route from elsewhere in Yorkshire. For example, the women's road race does three laps, and the men's road race does seven.

Discover the Harrogate circuit at the 2019 UCI road World Championships.

West Park, HarrogatePenny Pot Lane climbParliament Street, Harrogate