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Elite men's individual time trial

Slow ducks crossing Kirkby Malzeard

Slow ducks crossing, Kirkby Malzeard

The elite men's individual time trial at the 2019 UCI road World Championships in Yorkshire is a 54km route. It starts in Northallerton, and heads south to Morton-on-Swale, then crosses the A1M at Leeming Bar. The next town on the route is Bedale, then just after the 20km point comes Masham.

From Masham, the route is one that is popular with local cyclists: Grewelthorpe, Kirkby Malzeard, and Risplith, then onto Ripley. At Ripley, the riders join the A61 (not popular with this local cyclist). The A61 leads to Harrogate, and it's up Parliament Street for a finish on West Park.

Elite men's individual time trial: facts, figures, and map

Elite men's individual time trial, route map

Route map of elite men's individual time trial, © Welcome to Yorkshire. (See full-size map)

Race details - UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial
Date Wednesday 25th September 2019
Event classification Individual time trial
Distance 54km

The official race profile for the elite men's individual time trial:

Profile of men's ITT, 2019 UCI Road World Championship

Profile of elite men's individual time trial, © Welcome to Yorkshire

Elite men's individual time trial: timings

Timings to follow.

Elite men's individual time trial: the route

Elite men's individual time trial: the start in Northallerton

Northallerton High Street

Northallerton High Street

The elite men's individual time trial starts in the Capital of North Yorkshire (well, the county town), Northallerton.

It's on the A167 as it heads south out of town, and there's a level crossing. Bike races have had trouble with level crossings before, but I imagine there won't be any problem for this one.

The route soon forks right on the A684. This takes the competitors over the river Wiske, through Ainderby Steeple and Morton-on-Swale, then over the river Swale.

Church at Ainderby Steeple

Church at Ainderby Steeple

They are shadowing the route of the Wensleydale Railway towards Leeming Bar and Bedale.

Wensleydale Railway

Wensleydale Railway, by Lobsan, Licence CC BY-SA 3.0

Elite men's individual time trial: Northallerton to Masham

After crossing the river Swale, the route reaches Leeming Bar.

Leeming Bar was on the original Great North Road, Roman Dere Street; the word 'bar' refers to the fact that there was a toll station here, removed in 1840 (Wikipedia). Leeming Bar has a station on the Wensleydale Railway, and it's the railway's main depot.

At Leeming Bar, the parcours crosses the A1. The A1 junction has had a lot of recent work done to it, during which it seems to have moved a little way north. The A684 either side of the junction is a new bit of road, and it is wide and smooth, so should please the competitors. It takes them to Aiskew, then over Bedale Beck and the railway line to Bedale.



Leaving Bedale, the racers will take the B6268, which passes close to Thorp Perrow Arobretum, and leads (after quite a few kilometres of rolling countryside) to a junction with the B6267. It's a right turn there, to join the A6108, cross the river Ure, and go up the little ramp to Masham.

Black Sheep Brewery

Black Sheep Brewery, Masham

In Masham, the route is Silver Street to the Market Place, Church Street, and Park Street leaving the town.


Masham Market Place

Elite men's individual time trial: Masham to Ripley

Park Street turns into Thorpe Road, and heads past Nutwith Common/Oak Bank, then sharply uphill near the entrance to Hackfall Woods just before arriving at Grewelthorpe.

Crown Inn, Grewelthorpe

Crown Inn, Grewelthorpe

In Grewelthorpe, there's a right-left dogleg to get onto the road to Kirkby Malzeard. These are great roads for cycling. Approaching Kirkby Malzeard, the riders will fork left, and cross the bridge over Kex Beck (being careful of the ducks - see main photo at the top of the page).

Kirkby Malzeard

Aqua et Sapone rider whizzes past Queen's Arms, Kirkby Malzeard

It's uphill from the beck to Kirkby Malzeard. Then, leaving the village, you're still on enjoyable cycling roads, sometimes with hedges either side. There's a little dip down to the river Laver, and after that Gate Bridge Road takes our time triallists to High Grantley.

High Grantley

High Grantley

High Grantley is a lovely village in a lovely area. I know there'll be in an aero position, but I'm sure the competitors will notice, and I'm confident that Alex Dowsett will consider buying the Grantley Arms, to run it when he's retired.

Then it's down through woods to the river Skell by Grantley Hall, which has a sawmill.

Logpile, Grantley Hall

Log pile, Grantley sawmill

What goes down must come back up again. (This is the down-and-up just before Risplith which shows up on the course profile; it doesn't last long, but it's quite steep).

At the junction with the B6265, if a rider takes a glance to his left, he'll see G&T's, still (October 2018) in its rather magnificent 2014 Tour de France livery. Will it get a World Championships rainbow jersey makeover?

G&T's Risplith

G&T's, Risplith

It's a right turn on the B6265, though, then after a short distance left to Sawley. Nicely-dressed dummies and other figures were distributed around Sawley for the Tour de France.

Cycling figure, Sawley

Cycling figure made for the Tour de France, Sawley...not a bad time trial position!

When the route reaches the entrance to Sawley Hall, it's right down the hill to Hebden Wood, and back up again after crossing Hebden Gill. Then it's onto Fountains Abbey Road, past the Chequers Inn, before going down Scarah Bank to the B6165.

Chequers Inn, Bishop Thornton

Chequers Inn

It's only a short distance on the B6165 to Ripley.

(A lot of local rides from Harrogate come back to Ripley this way, and that little stretch on the B6165 is unpleasant. The width of the road and its bends, coupled with many drivers' impatience and lack of consideration for people riding bikes, mean that you're almost guaranteed one or more dangerous close passes. Protected bike lanes, or at least some signs asking people to leave plenty of room, would be helpful).

Boar's Head, Ripley

Boar's Head, Ripley

Elite men's individual time trial: Ripley to the finish in Harrogate

From Ripley, the time trial takes the main A61 over the river Nidd, through Killinghall, and into Harrogate via the New Park (or Little Wonder) roundabout.

Like many of the other World Championship races, this one takes a little diversion - right on Swan Road, then left on Crescent Road to come back to the junction near the Royal Hall.

Royal Hall, Harrogate

Royal Hall, Harrogate

Then it's up Parliament Street, onto West Park, and the men's individual time trial finishes on West Park, in front of the United Reform church.

Elite men's individual time trial: favourites

Tom Dumoulin, Primoz Roglic, Geraint Thomas, Jos van Emden, Chris Froome, Rohan Dennis.

All photos © HedgehogCycling (except when other credit stated)

Elite men's individual time trial: comments

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Elite men's road race

Kilnsey Crag

The elite men's road race at the UCI road World Championships 2019 in Yorkshire starts in Leeds. It heads into the Yorkshire Dales, then comes back east to Harrogate. There are seven laps of the Harrogate circuit before the finish.

Read about the 2019 UCI men's road race.

Elite men's individual time trial: towns, sights and attractions

Elite men's individual time trial: Northallerton

Northallerton County Hall

Northallerton County Hall

Northallerton is the county town of North Yorkshire, and has a population of 16,832 (2011 census).

The earliest settlement at Northallerton was a Roman military camp. After the Romans, Saxons lived at Northallerton, and built a wooden church in the 600s, and a stone church in 855. In the 900s, Danes settled in the area. In the Domesday Book, the settlement was described as Alvertune. The name may mean Aelfere's or Alfred's farm, or it may refer to Alder trees.

In the 1100s, Northallerton was given to the Bishop of Durham, and became an important religious centre.

Northallerton also developed into a market town, with cattle, sheep, and horses sold. It had four coaching inns, serving passengers on routes between London and Edinburgh. In 1841, the railway came to Northallerton (London to Edinburgh line). There was also a line to Ripon, closed in 1969 following the Beeching report.

Today, Northallerton still hosts livestock auctions. It is the HQ of North Yorkshire County Council, and Hambleton District Council. There is some light industry and commerce.

The High Street is thriving, but completely cluttered with cars - parked ones and crawling ones. Can't they be got rid of? Perhaps the only way to do it is to hold a bike race, but then it's just for a day.

Elite men's individual time trial: Bedale


Bedale, by Mick Knapton, Licence CC BY-SA 3.0

Bedale is a small town near the A1, between the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. It's on Bedale Beck, a tributary of the river Swale.

The Bedale Hoard was found in 2012. There are silver and gold items from the C9th and C10th, now in the Yorkshire Museum.

Bedale has a station on the Wensleydale railway.

Elite men's individual time trial: Masham

Masham market place   

Masham has a population of 1,205 (2011 census). Its name is Anglo-Saxon in origin, coming from Maessa's Ham, meaning homestead or village belonging to Maessa. 

A settlement was built here by the Angles, probably because the site is close to the river Ure, but rises just high enough above it to be safe from flooding. It is also on the old Roman road from York to Wensleydale. (Signs of a Roman presence, likely a marching camp, have been found at Roomer Common).

In about 900AD, Vikings invaded, and destroyed the church at Masham. The present church has the stump of a prayer cross from the 700s, but most of the structure is Norman, with some additions from the C15th. It was the Vikings who introduced sheep to the region.

The most striking feature of Masham is its very big market place. The town was granted a charter for a market in 1250, and the market place needed to be large to accommodate the many sheep brought here by the monks of Jervaulx and Fountains Abbeys. There's a market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Masham is known for it breweries - Theakstons and Black Sheep. The Theakson family had brewed Theakstons beer in Masham for six generations, but the Theakstons brewery was taken over by Scottish & Newcastle. Rather than work for a multi-national, Paul Theakston set up a new brewery in an old building (the former premises of Lightfoot's brewery) in Masham, and the Black Sheep Brewery was born in 1992. Black Sheep is available in many of the pubs in and around Masham. The brewery also has a visitor centre. 

The Theakston family regained control of Theakstons in 2003, and this brewery also has a visitor centre. Their best known beer is Old Peculiar.

Black Sheep Brewery

Events in Masham include the Steam Engine & Fair Organ Rally, and the bi-annual Arts Festival.

Elite men's individual time trial: Harrogate


Harrogate is a town of about 75,000 people, in North Yorkshire.

Its mineral waters were discovered in the 1500s, and it grew as a spa town in the centuries that followed. Many of the spa facilities were built in Queen Victoria's time.

Royal Pump Rooms, Harrogate

Royal Pump Rooms, Harrogate

You can visit the Royal Pump Rooms museum, drink the foul sulphur water from a tap outside (not advised), or dip into the Turkish Baths.

These days, Harrogate's economy is still partly based on tourism and visitors. It has a major Convention Centre, the Great Yorkshire Showground, and many good hotels.

Attractions include the RHS garden at Harlow Carr, the Valley Gardens, and Betty's tea rooms.

Betty's tea rooms Harrogate

Read more about Harrogate.

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