UCI 2019 Yorkshire road World Championships

UCI World Champion bear

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial

Slow ducks crossing Kirkby Malzeard
Slow ducks crossing, Kirkby Malzeard

The elite men's individual time trial at the 2019 UCI road World Championships in Yorkshire is a 54km route. It starts in Northallerton, heads south to Morton-on-Swale, and crosses the A1M at Leeming Bar. The next town on the route is Bedale, then just after the 20km point comes Masham.

Masham Market Place
Bordar House Teas, Masham Market Place

From Masham, the route is one that is popular with local cyclists: Grewelthorpe, Kirkby Malzeard, and Risplith, then onto Ripley. At Ripley, the riders join the A61 (much less popular with this local cyclist). The A61 leads to Harrogate, and it's up Parliament Street for a finish on West Park.

I suggest that it's not a technical course, in that there are no really difficult turns. There are no major climbs, either, but the route does cross a series of becks and rivers, where the road descends to a bridge, then kicks up for a short distance the other side.

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: results and photos

The result was: (1) Rohan Dennis (Aus) (2) Remco Evenepoel (Bel) (3) Filippo Ganna (Ita). This is the results sheet.

Rohan Dennis, UCI 2019 men's elite ITT
Rohan Dennis, Australia
Victor Campenaerts, men's ITT, UCI 2019
Victor Campenaerts, Belgium
Tony Martin, UCI 2019 men's elite ITT
Tony Martin, Germany
Jos van Emden, men's ITT, UCI 2019
Jos van Emden, NL
Remco Evenepoel, UCI 2019 men's elite ITT
Remco Evenepoel, Belgium
Lawson Craddock, men's ITT, UCI 2019
Lawson Craddock, USA
Filippo Ganna, UCI 2019 men's elite ITT
Filippo Ganna, Italy
Alex Dowsett, men's ITT, UCI 2019
Alex Dowsett, GB
Luke Durbridge, UCI 2019 men's elite ITT
Luke Durbridge, Australia
Nils Politt, men's ITT, UCI 2019
Nils Politt, Germany
Dylan van Baarle, UCI 2019 men's elite ITT
Dylan van Baarle, NL
John Archibald, men's ITT, UCI 2019
John Archibald, GB

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: news

Alex Dowsett
Alex Dowsett, by Cs-wolves, Licence CC BY-SA 4.0

The two riders on the start line for Great Britain will be:

  • Alex Dowsett
  • John Archibald

The Dutch team is:

  • Dylan van Baarle
  • Jos van Emden

The USA team is:

  • Lawson Craddock
  • Chad Haga

The French team is:

  • Benjamin Thomas
  • Pierre Latour

The Belgian team is:

  • Victor Campanaerts
  • Remco Evenepoel

This is the start list for the elite men's time trial.

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: map, facts & figures

Elite men's individual time trial, route map
Route map of elite men's individual time trial, ©Welcome to Yorkshire. (See full-size map)

See also a Google map of the race route.

Race details - UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial
Date Wednesday 25th September 2019
Event classification Individual time trial
Distance 54km

The official race profile for the elite men's individual time trial:

Profile of men's ITT, 2019 UCI Road World Championship
Profile of elite men's individual time trial, ©Welcome to Yorkshire

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: timings

Timings - UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial
Place Km First starter Last starter
Northallerton 0km 1310 1451
Bedale 12.8km 1325 1506
Intermediate time check 1 (Scroggs Lane) 16.7km 1330 1511
Masham 23km 1337 1518
Intermediate time check 2 (Hill Top Farm) 37.7km 1355 1536
Ripley 48.1km 1407 1548
Finish line (West Park) 54.1km 1414 1555

Note: these timings are based on the fastest anticipated speeds. Using the slowest speeds instead, the arrival times at the finish line are 9 minutes later.

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: poll

Who do you think will win the 2019 World Championship time trial? Have a look at favourites for the win below. Since I originally created the poll, I've removed Tom Dumoulin and Chris Froome, neither of whom seem likely to race; and added a couple more names. On 21st September 2019, Geraint Thomas announced he was dropping out, so don't vote for him!


UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: where to watch

World Champion bear, Masham
World Champion bear in Masham

Where to watch the UCI 2019 Yorkshire Worlds elite men's individual time trial - my suggestions include Northallerton, Bedale, Masham, Kirkby Malzeard, Ripley, and Harrogate.

Faster, by Michael Hutchinson

Faster, by Michael Hutchinson

Faster is a great book by Michael Hutchinson, who was very good at time trials. More to the point, he has thought a lot about how to ride fast, and is an entertaining writer.

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: the route

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: the start in Northallerton

Northallerton High Street
Northallerton High Street

The elite men's individual time trial starts in the Capital of North Yorkshire (well, the county town), Northallerton.

The riders are on the A167 as they head south out of town, and soon there's a level crossing. Bike races have had trouble with level crossings before, but I imagine there won't be any problem this time.

Level crossing, Northallerton
Level crossing, Northallerton

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: Northallerton to Masham

The route soon forks right on the A684. This takes the competitors over the river Wiske, and through Ainderby Steeple.

Church at Ainderby Steeple
Church at Ainderby Steeple

Next on the route is Morton-on-Swale, and leaving the village, the road crosses the river Swale.


Here, the time trial is shadowing the route of the Wensleydale Railway towards Leeming Bar and Bedale. There's a nice-looking farm shop and café on the left.

Spring House Farm Shop
Spring House Farm Shop

Just after Spring House Farm Shop, there's a roundabout.

Junction near Leeming Bar
Junction near Leeming Bar

The right turn at the roundabout is the new A684, towards a new A1M junction; the men's individual time trial takes the left turn, going through Leeming Bar.

Leeming Bar
Leeming Bar

At the main junction in Leeming Bar, there's a shop called Simply Dutch.

Leeming Bar
Leeming Bar

The race route goes under the A1M to reach Aiskew. After Aiskew, the competitors use a level crossing to go over the railway line by Bedale station.

Leeming Bar
Level crossing by Bedale station

Soon after, they cross the bridge over Bedale Beck.

Bridge over Bedale Beck
Bridge over Bedale Beck

This brings them into Bedale.

Bedale Fish & Chips

The riders arrive in Bedale on Bridge Street, and cross almost straight over Market Place to Sussex Street (the B6268 to Masham). The B6268 passes close to Thorp Perrow Arobretum. It's rolling countryside here.

B6268 to Masham
B6268 to Masham

Eventually, the B6268 reaches a junction with the B6267. It's a right turn there. Up to this point, there have been no real hills, and no technical turns. This bend won't cause any issues either, but the racers will at least want to look at it, and decide on the fastest line.

The B6267 soon meets the A6108 at Low Burton, where it's a right turn. On the A-road, the competitors cross the river Ure, and reach the edge of Masham.

Entrance to Masham
Entrance to Masham

They turn left to go up Silver Street.

Silver Street, Masham
Silver Street, Masham

In Masham, the route is Silver Street to the corner of the Market Place, Church Street, and Park Street leaving the town.

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: Masham to Ripley

Masham to Grewelthorpe road
Masham to Grewelthorpe road at Nutwith Common

Park Street turns into Thorpe Road, and heads past Nutwith Common/Oak Bank, then sharply uphill (near the entrance to Hackfall Woods) just before arriving at Grewelthorpe.

Entrance to Grewelthorpe

In Grewelthorpe, there's a right-left dogleg to get onto the road to Kirkby Malzeard. These are great roads for cycling.

Grewelthorpe to Kirkby Malzeard road
Grewelthorpe to Kirkby Malzeard road

Approaching Kirkby Malzeard, the riders will fork left, onto a road that has been re-surfaced (late autumn 2018), and is now nearly as smooth as Henry Iglesias. They follow the road down to cross the bridge over Kex Beck (being careful of the ducks).

Slow ducks crossing Kirkby Malzeard
Slow ducks crossing, Kirkby Malzeard

Then it's sharply uphill the other side of the beck.

Uphill to Kirkby Malzeard
Hill to Kirkby Malzeard

The hill leads to Kirkby Malzeard.

Kirkby Malzeard
Market Cross at Kirkby Malzeard

In Kirkby Malzeard, the route is straight across Main Street, onto Warren Lane. Here, you're still on enjoyable cycling roads, sometimes with hedges either side. There's a little dip down to Holborn Beck (a tributary of the river Laver).

Road over Holborn Beck
Road over Holborn Beck

After crossing the beck, Gate Bridge Road takes the time triallists up the hill to High Grantley.

Pub at High Grantley
The Grantley, bar and restaurant

The pub in High Grantley has a friendly cat.

Cat, Grantley pub
Cat, Grantley pub

Leaving High Grantley, you get a view over the valley of the river Skell (which is where you're going next). On a winter's afternoon, the valley sides echo to the sound of shotguns; it seems that killing wildlife is a major hobby in this area.

View over the Skell valley
View over the Skell valley

It's a fairly steep descent through the woods, and past a sawmill, to the river Skell and Grantley Hall. What goes down must come back up again, and sure enough, there's a little climb up towards Risplith.

Climb up from Grantley Hall
Climb from Grantley Hall towards Risplith

At the junction with the B6265, if a rider takes a glance to his left, he'll see G&T's, still (October 2018) in its rather magnificent 2014 Tour de France livery. Will it get a World Championships rainbow jersey makeover?

G&T's Risplith
G&T's, Risplith

It's a right turn on the B6265, though, then after a short distance left to Sawley.


Nicely-dressed dummies and other figures were distributed around Sawley for the Tour de France.

Cycling figure, Sawley
Cycling figure made for the Tour de France, Sawley...not a bad time trial position!

After going through the village of Sawley, the route reaches a T-junction at the entrance to Sawley Hall. Here, the competitors turn right down the hill past Hebden Bridge Farm to the bridge over Hebden Gill (around 114m).

Hebden Bridge Farm
Time for a new wrought iron sign? Rohan Dennis on a TT bike, perhaps

Then there's a climb up through Hebden  Wood. I think it's the steepest one on the course - I chugged up it even more slowly than the other ones, anyway.

Hebden Wood climb
Hebden Wood climb

After the top of the hill (148m) there's a little downhill past Careless House Farm. (Presumably the name is meant to imply that you forget your troubles, not that you're always trying to use a combine harvester to wash your clothes by mistake). Then there's just a bit more uphill, before the road levels out and straightens out past Duke's Place.

Duke's Place
Duke's Place

This is now Fountains Abbey Road, which takes the competitors past the Chequers Inn.

Chequers Inn, Bishop Thornton
Chequers Inn

A little further on, there's a descent of Scarah Bank to the B6165.

Scarah Bank
Scarah Bank

Many of the photos here feature the leaden skies of a January day; on Scarah Bank, there was just a glimmer of sunshine for a few moments.

At the bottom of Scarah Bank, turning left on the B6165, it's only a short distance to Ripley.

(A lot of local rides from Harrogate come back to Ripley this way, and that little stretch on the B6165 is a real stinker. The width of the road and its bends, coupled with many drivers' impatience and lack of consideration for people riding bikes, mean that you're almost guaranteed one or more dangerous close passes. Protected bike lanes as the best option, or as a poor second some signs asking people to leave plenty of room, are needed).

TDF monument, Ripley
Tour de France monument, Ripley

The riders take the main A61 past Ripley, rather than going along Main Street in Ripley itself. They'll be very close to the village, though, and they pass right by the Tour de France monument made by an expert dry stone waller in 2014, as a rather nice memento of that event.

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: Ripley to the finish in Harrogate


From Ripley, the time trial takes the main A61 over the river Nidd, through Killinghall, and into Harrogate via the New Park (or Little Wonder) roundabout. After passing the Claro Beagle, it's uphill.

A61 by the Claro Beagle, Harrogate
A61 by the Claro Beagle, Harrogate

Like the other World Championship races, this one takes a little diversion off the A61 - right on Swan Road, then left on Crescent Road.

Crescent Road, Harrogate
Crescent Road, Harrogate

Crescent Road brings the competitors back to the junction near the Royal Hall.

Royal Hall, Harrogate
Royal Hall, Harrogate

Then it's up Parliament Street, onto West Park.

Parliament Street, Harrogate
Parliament Street, Harrogate

The elite men's individual time trial at the 2019 UCI World Championships finishes on West Park near its junction with Victoria Avenue, at the finish line used for all the races.

UCI finish line, West Park, Harrogate
UCI Yorkshire Worlds finish line, West Park, Harrogate

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: favourites

Rohan Dennis
Rohan Dennis, 2018 time trial World Champion, by Granada, Licence CC BY-SA 4.0

Favourites for the elite men's individual time trial include Rohan Dennis, Geraint Thomas, Primoz Roglic, Victor Campenaerts, Stefan Kung, Jonathan Castroviejo, and Jos van Emden.

After he won the time trial stage of the Tour of Britain 2019 (beating van Emden, Luke Durbridge, and Alex Dowsett), I would add Edoardo Affini of Italy as a contender. Finally, young Belgian talent Remco Evenepoel is targeting the time trial as well as the road race - he could spring a surprise here.

Geraint Thomas

Update 21st September 2019: Geraint Thomas has announced that he won't be taking part in the ITT, having tried and failed to get back into shape after his post-Tour break. While there may be factors I don't know about, it does seem astonishingly unprofessional from Thomas to fail to prepare for one of his main season goals, which has been in his diary for months.

The text below was written before Thomas pulled out.

Geraint Thomas says that he will have a team role in the elite men's road race, helping Ben Swift and Mark Cavendish. That course doesn't suit his characteristics - the road race will be won by someone who can stay near the front when it's hard and hilly, but still produce a sprint at the finish.

That means that the time trial is the Welshman's best hope for a medal. Thomas can produce a top-class time trial: for example, he won the time trial on Stage 1 of the Tour de France 2017, in Duesseldorf.

In this video (January 2019) courtesy of Team Sky, Thomas says he is looking forward to the time trial at the Yorkshire World Championships:

(Geraint preferred the blue curtain to the orange one. He spent ages rotating the plastic stool one way, then realised he was raising it, when he wanted to lower it. He got four passport photos (all the same shot) for £3.50).

Read more about the favourites for the elite men's individual time trial at the UCI 2019 Yorkshire Worlds.

All photos ©HedgehogCycling (except when other credit stated)

UCI 2019 elite men's individual time trial: comments

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