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UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial

Ripley, lake and castle
Ripley castle & lake

The elite women's individual time trial at the 2019 UCI road World Championships in Yorkshire is over a distance of 30km. It starts in Ripon, and takes the A61 to Ripley. In a change to the original route, it will now turn right at Ripley, on the B6165. There are some short, sharp climbs and descents on the revised route, as it wends its way through Bedlam, Clint, Birstwith, Clapham Green, and Hampsthwaite. Then it reaches the A59, and brings the competitors into Harrogate via the New Park roundabout. They head for the finish line (without doing the Harrogate circuit).

UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial: map, facts & figures

Route map, elite women's individual time trial, UCI 2019
Route map of women's elite individual time trial, © Welcome to Yorkshire. (See full-size map)

There's also a Google map of the route.

Race details - UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial
Date Tuesday 24th September 2019
Stage classification Individual time trial
Distance 30.3km

The official stage profile for the elite women's individual time trial:

Profile of UCI 2019 elite women's ITT
Profile of elite women's individual time trial © Welcome to Yorkshire

UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial: timings

Timings - UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial
Place Km First starter Last starter
Ripon 0km 1440 1600
Ripley 12.1km 1456 1616
Intermediate time check 14.2km 1459 1619
Hampsthwaite 20.9km 1508 1628
Finish line (West Park) 30.3km 1521 1641

Note: these timings are based on the fastest anticipated speeds. Using the slowest speeds instead, the arrival times at the finish line are 4 minutes later.

UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial: the route

UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial: the start in Ripon

Ripon Cathedral
Ripon Cathedral, seen from Studley Royal

The elite women's individual time trial starts in Ripon, at the market place.

Market Place, Ripon
Market Place, Ripon

Leaving the market place, the competitors take Kirkgate then Duck Hill to Skell Garths.

Kirkgate, Ripon
Kirkgate, Ripon

They go right at the roundabout, on King Street, and cross the river Skell on Iron Bridge.

Iron Bridge, Ripon
Iron Bridge, Ripon

On the other side of the river, they continue on Bondgate. Bondgate becomes Quarry Moor Lane. Where Quarry Moor Lane meets Harrogate Road at Morrisons, it's a left fork, then after a short distance the riders reach the roundabout junction with the A61 (by the Coop, and Bellwood Farm).

A61 junction, Ripon
A61 junction, Ripon

UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial: Ripon to Wormald Green

A61 Ripon-Harrogate sign
A61 Ripon to Harrogate sign

Leaving Ripon, heading south on the A61, the road is wide, and has some gradual bends, and slight dips and rises. There are no technical turns or major climbs, so it will be a case of head down and pedal as fast as you can. (I am available for further insights into the technical aspects of time trialling, on request).

Passing Hollin Hall, the road rises from about 50m to 78m by the time it reaches the turn for Bishop Monkton. Then comes a straight, more or less flat section, to Wormald Green.

Monkton Moor straight
Straight section from Bishop Monkton turn to Wormald Green

The photo above is taken from Monkton Moor garage, at the northern edge of Wormald Green. The competitors pass Monkton Moor garage, on their right.

Monkton Moor garage
Monkton Moor garage

Here, the road bends round to the right, and there's a short downhill to Wormald Green itself.

Wormald Green
Downhill to Wormald Green

UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial: Wormald Green to Ripley

South Stainley Inn
The Inn, South Stainley

The road is more or less level (at a height of about 60m) from Wormald Green to the next village, South Stainley. It follows the route of a dismantled railway from Harrogate to Ripon, which could be turned into a cycle and footpath.

Luckily for the people who live there, the houses in South Stainley are set back from the A61, but I saw three horses in a field right by the road.

Horses, South Stainley
Horses, South Stainley

The road rises from South Stainley (61m) to a point near Yarmer Head (98m) - an ascent that wouldn't be worth a mention, were there any real hills on this part of the route! Then it's slightly downhill to cross Newton Beck, and reach Ripley.

TDF monument, Ripley
Tour de France monument, Ripley

UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial: Ripley to Harrogate

The riders turn right at the first roundabout in Ripley, onto the B6165. The B-road climbs to Bedlam, then the gradient eases as the road approaches the New Inn crossroads near Burnt Yates.

New Inn, Burnt Yates
New Inn, Burnt Yates

Here, they turn left and head down Clint Bank. They're now on the route of the elite women's road race.

Clint Bank
Clint Bank

The competitors cross the river Nidd at Birstwith; they climb out of the village to Clapham Green. Then it's a pleasant and gradual descent to Hampsthwaite. From Hampsthwaite, the route climbs again, up Grayston Plain Lane to the A59.

Grayston Plain Lane
Grayston Plain Lane

After joining the A59, it's a gradual descent to the New Park roundabout, where the riders turn right onto the A61.

The A61 passes the Hydro swimming pool and the Claro Beagle pub, then there's a hill.

Hill up to Harrogate from the Claro Beagle
Hill up to Harrogate from the Claro Beagle

Over the crest of the hill the competitors go down for a short way, then turn right onto Swan Road.

Swan Road, Harrogate
Swan Road, Harrogate

Swan Road leads to Crescent Road, where the riders turn left, to come back to the A61 near the Royal Hall; here, they turn right up Parliament Street.

Parliament Street, Harrogate
Parliament Street, Harrogate

It's uphill on Parliament Street to Bettys. When they reach Harrogate's best-known tea rooms, the gradient eases, and the road becomes West Park.

Bettys & West Park, Harrogate
Bettys & West Park, Harrogate

The finish line is about 300m beyond Bettys, just past the Hotel de Vin.

UCI finish line, West Park, Harrogate
UCI Yorkshire Worlds finish line, West Park, Harrogate

UCI 2019 elite women's individual time trial: favourites

Annemiek van Vleuten
Annemiek van Vleuten, by Theo Stikkelman, Licence CC BY 2.0

The 2018 World Champion is Annemiek Van Vleuten, from the Netherlands, and she is likely to be the favourite in 2019.

Elite women's individual time trial: comments

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